Basic Home Improvement Tricks 2019


When you think that your home needs improvement, don’t immediately hire a home improvement specialist. Instead, do the renovation by yourself. As long as you are willing to research and do the right fix, you can renovate. Always remember that nobody really understands your ideal home other than YOU.

If you don’t have any idea on the trendy renovations this 2019, use the following tips as your guide.

1.Color Full. Paint your wall with the color that resembles tranquility and promotes harmony with nature. Stick from neutral colors such as dark beige, white, gray, and pink. For quick reference, you can use the Dulux ‘colour forecast‘ guide.

2.Eco-friendly. To help lessen the impact of climate change, you can also make your home an environment-friendly hub. Instead of using electricity, install solar panels. It is also best if you purchase battery-operated appliances to increase the reserve of non-renewable energy.

You can also collect recyclable materials and make them a new craft. You can make a flower path, curtain, and even bags out of the trash. Display your recycled outputs in your living room to influence other people.

3.Standardize. If your budget is tight, you must strictly adhere to the standards in renovating your home. Follow the layout, materials, and the duration of the construction to ensure that you will not overshoot. If you have your own concept, consider that when your budget is not anymore tight.

4.Divide. Since most of the households are nuclear (composed of people coming from different generations), creating divisions is also another thing to consider. You must renovate in a way that you will not compromise the privacy of the people living in the house. 

5.Smart Home. With the advent of technology, we cannot isolate ourselves from the power of smart appliances. Maybe you would like to have a remote-controlled door, water-less toilet, or intuitive chairs. You have all the right to integrate smart features to your home as long as you do it intelligently. Make sure you don’t interfere with the preferences of other people.