Here are 5 Simple Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Everyone loves going to a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom. But maintaining its cleanliness is easily said than done. Bathrooms are the least prioritized area of most homes, leaving it prone to damages and dirt buildup.

Remodeling the bathroom is out of the question as it could cost a fortune. The most cost-effective way to maintain a bathroom is to clean it regularly and effectively. Good thing we have some amazing ideas to keep your bathroom tidy and maintain its shining glory.

Clean The Grouts

Most bathrooms suffer from moldy grouts or sealants. Solving this problem is easy. All you need is a thin brush to scrub it. Dip the toothbrush in 1:4 parts of beach and water then thoroughly scrub all the nooks and crannies of the bathroom.

Get Rid of Limescale

Dried deposits are easily removed. Using hot water will always do the trick. You can also try using bleach or use an equal part of white vinegar if you don’t want to smell the bleach scent while cleaning. You can leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Any stubborn deposits left can be easily removed by a toothbrush.

Keep Fixtures Shiny and Looking Brandnew

Fixtures that are not properly taken cared of shows that your bathroom is old. Keeping them shiny can make it appear new. To keep the luster on your bathroom fixtures, you can mix lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate and use it to lightly brush the fixtures. Wipe it clean after a few minutes and see the difference.

Goodbye Toilet Seat Stains

If you are a bit OC when it to your water closet, it could be annoying to look at it having seat stains. These seemingly stubborn circular stains around the toilet bowls are actually easy to eliminate. You will need to rub it with a pumice stone until the stain is gone. This method, however, doesn’t work on plastic and enamel.

Unclog Shower Heads and Drain

If your showerhead is not delivering the right amount of water from its holes, it might be clogged and due for some de-clogging. The first thing you should do is to run hot water through the shower to soften the clogs. Do this for several minutes. Now, let the shower head sit in a solution of white vinegar-warm water overnight. Make sure you remove the solution before using it.

Now for the sink, continuously flush down hot to boiling water.  You can mix the water with bleach for best result. If you want to go eco-friendly, use white vinegar instead. This should do the trick in unclogging the drain.

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