How to Create a High-Gloss Finish like a Pro


High-gloss finish is probably considered the boldest paint finish out there, but it’s also the most common finish used by designers to add appeal to an interior. 

Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s color and design expert, shares her best ideas for high-gloss paint:

  1. A good way to use high-gloss finish at home is on the interior and exterior doors, high-traffic areas, and trim, but it can also be used anywhere you want to add a touch of uniqueness to, so long as you make sure that the preparation is carefully attended to. It can also be used to add detail and depth to a room by using the same color on the walls and trims but using different finish on each part.
  2. There are various decorating styles that can help balance the striking look of a high-gloss finish. Nevertheless, this kind of finish should be used deliberately.  The glamorous high-gloss look will work well on the living rooms, dining room, on woodworks in the library, and in accentuating trims and wainscotings with the purpose of catching the eye regardless if it’s a traditional or modern style. Make sure that it also goes well with the other finishes done in the room.
  3. When used side by side a softer finish, high-gloss finish amplifies light all the more, which makes it look more romantic and glimmering. To balance the look of the room, use pieces with a texture like a wool throw or uncoated ceramic vases. Just make sure that the finish will complement the room’s overall look.
  4. When deciding on paint colors for a high-gloss finish, choose a lighter shade to give emphasis to the architectural details of the room without overpowering the current color scheme.  On the other hand, use a deep-colored high gloss if you want to create a more dramatic look.
  5. High gloss finish is commonly used these days as room highlight. It has become popular because of its durability and sustainability.
  6. The key to getting the perfect outcome when using a high gloss finish is the preparation and application, as this kind of finish only emphasizes flaws on the surface where it will be applied.