Remove Rocks from your Garden with these Heavy Duty Tools


Rocky soil has the tendency to form complicated problems for you and your lawn. Rocks prevent any deep-rooted plants or flowers from developing healthily and make it difficult for new sprouts to mature. It is crucial to clear your yard from stones, but performing this only with your hands will take you so much time to finish.

The Best Tools to Get Rid of Rocks

Since there are not a lot of alternative techniques available, we have provided you some practical devices to help reduce your time of work:

1. Rototiller – A Rototiller breaks down solid dirt to slacken the soil and reveal the hidden large boulders below. If you have a small backyard, opt for a cultivator which is significantly smaller than the Rototiller. You can either purchase one for your personal use or rent this equipment from your available local hardware shops.

2. Garden rake –A field rake gathers the pebbles all together, which makes it simpler for you to collect and clean it out. It’s decently priced at around $15-$30 and comes in various sizes.

3. Gardening gloves – Using gardening gloves helps to prevent yourself from getting blisters. While raking the rocks, there is a possibility of you injuring yourself with unexpected blisters, so to avoid this, make sure that you always have a set of landscaping gloves.

4. Pointed shovel – A sharp scooper can precisely pick up gravel and other rocks that you have accumulated. With this, you won’t need to scoop rocks one-by-one using your hands.

5. Soil sifter – Eliminating boulders and rocks from your yard may include some of its soil. It is best to purchase a dirt sifter; a net that you can place over a wheelbarrow machine. This tool will quickly screen out the rocks and segregate it from the soil.